Trial of Zeurra

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

[10:55] Kathrin Hird enters the court room and prepares my documents
[10:56] Kathrin Hird shuffles my documents
[10:56] Patricia Reed (PatriciaMatron Resident): Wait here with the Sergeant inmate
[10:57] Kathrin Hird nods to the officer
[10:57] Kathrin Hird: Good day
[10:57] Bart Birgisson: good day miss Hird
[10:57] Kathrin Hird: The defendant is on the way?
[10:57] Patricia Reed (PatriciaMatron Resident): Ok inmate go inside
[10:57] Patricia Reed (PatriciaMatron Resident): they are waiting for you
[10:57] Patricia Reed (PatriciaMatron Resident) escorts Zeurra
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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


Last days we have had some new arrivals: first of all, one of our formers employees, a girl called Suki Neox, charged with homicide. It’s unlpeasant to see someone who one day was a work mate dressed in stripes, above all with such serious charges against her, but it’s a reminder of the fact nobody is above Law. Her story seems to be a sad one, but she doesn’t like to talk too much about it. Besides her, we have another two new arrivals, both of the problematic: one is Vanessa Jones, a former teacher, quite violent during her intake. The other is Lisa Karlsson, charged with assault, insolent, stubborn and defiant. Besides, she has a difficult to understand accent, Scandinavian maybe… overall, a pain.

Another incident took place yesterday. A fire started in the trash incinerator, but the fire brigade acted quickly and controlled it without problems. According to Chief Jensen, the fire was accidental, caused by some sparkles going through an incinerator door that had been left open. The damages seem to be of not much importance: just some trash burnt outside the incinerator and some paint burnt at the rood and walls.

But nowadays, our main source of concern is the feud between Marjo and Lilith. It got worse a pair of days ago, when Lilith started to behave weird, telling that Marjolein was naked (despite she was, like all other inmates, fully dressed). They argued a little, Marjo threw mud at Lilith, while this one threw water at her. All seemed to be a childish incident, but yesterday, it had an unexpected aftermath: Lilith took advantage of some careless staff who let her door open in medical, found a knife somewhere there came to the inmates that were waiting for yard time. Then she took Marjolein and put the knife against her throat, threatening her. I discussed with her, telling her to stop, but only when I promised her let Warden Wycliffe decide about the incident, she left the knife on the floor. Now she is in medical again, awaiting for that decision. I hope the wardens aren’t too lenient with her…

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Trial of Kelsie Rathwalk

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Nadja Straaf: Sit down at the front, Rathwalk
Nadja Straaf: Good day doctor Hird
KelsieRathwalk (kellyduchene) takes a seat
Kathrin Hird turns the head
Kathrin Hird: Good Day Warden
KelsieRathwalk (kellyduchene) feels anxious
Kathrin Hird prepares her documents
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Thursday, June 6th, 2013


It’s been a while since the last time I wrote an entry in this diary. Since then, not big news have happened, just the usual comes and goes of prison life. Rain Zarco has been taken back to D block, after I found a key while searching her cell. Of course she had an explanation for that, but she always has. Didn’t believe her the other times, not doing this one either. About searches, I found a knife on Jessica Budh’s cell. The girl hasn’t tried to hurt anybody, but her obsession with her own security has brought her into trouble. She is L2 now, and things could get worse if she goes on like this.

Julia Rasa keeps being a riddle for me: usually an inmate with an acceptable behaviour, sometimes she does some nonsense that brings her back to trouble. She was L2 inmate, about to be L1, and then she posted a disrespectful note to the Warden on the board. She was skilled enough to write it with her left hand, so her writing was hard to recognize, but I suspected of her since the first very moment. The graphologic report was not conclusive, but with a little pressure (showing her a D block cell from inside was pretty useful) she confessed everything. Now, she is back in orange stripes…

And, if Rasa is difficult to understand, what could I say about Greyworth. Her mental problems keep being a pain (and a physical risk) for everybody here, herself included. Yesterday we found some sharp objects hidden on her, and she claimed she wanted to use them on herself. I don’t believe that too much since she never showed suicidal tendencies, but well, maybe it’s better the shrink talks to her.

Marjo and Mitsuko keep being a pain. They both have been arguing like 6 years brats almost during the whole month. Marjo told me yesterday they made things right yesterday, but we will see how long it last.

And finally, we have some new inmates, the most noticeable of them a psycho called Amy McCafferty that has already tried to assault Nadja and me several times. She is so extremely aggressive that she hasn’t slept yet in a cell, I think. If I am not wrong, this will be her fourth night in a row in isolation or spa since her arrival. Not really sure what can we do with her…

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


We had two trials recently, and it’s curious how they affected the girls behaviour. Elyanna Spinotti could be out in six month despite being convicted of murder because the Court considered she suffers a multiple personality disorder. Since that mild sentence I’d say she just forgot her disorder. I wouldn’t swear she didn’t just tricked everybody to get away with the punishment she deserved, but the shrink says she really is insane. Who knows… Jessica Budh changed too, and not for good: after being convicted, she is now more cheeky and less obedient. I think Kimmy Lawhorn is a bad influence for her and for others. She has a sad story behind her, but I have to say that her undisciplined attitude tends to excite some of the less stable ones, line Silverstar or Budh.


And that trials caused Nadja to be worried too. It seems she has another incident with the Judge and now fears the consequences (I have to be careful not to cross my ways with Ferrentino, she is more picky each day). Some happenings in prison are also worrying, not only for the Deputy Warden but for all the staff: past week we had a bold escape attempt, involving Claudia Buhagiar. It seems she hid somewhere in the yard while Nadja and I were switching shifts (hope nobody reads this), and later she escaped through the sewers. Then she hid in the church till the morning, and disguised herself like a tourist. Fortunately, the Warden took some inmates to work there and she came out of her hideout trying to remain unnoticed. Too bad for her, Nadja found her familiar and stopped her for identification purposes. She tried to run away, but didn’t go far… The fact she had street clothes and a fake ID showed that she must have had help from the outside or inside prison. This time the SLBI acted surprisingly quickly, and we found the responsible. It seems it was Monica Ashmoot, the girl we released on parole short ago. The plot still has some loose ends and we don’t know it in its full reach yet, but since Ashmoot is already back behind bars and isolated, everything will get clear after her interrogation, I am sure.

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