Dungeons of Alcatraz

This part is a secret area and isn’t not often used. Please lets the prisoners who are inside if you don’t know this place and the current RP.

Alcatraz Island exist since 1865 as a civil war fort and called The Citadel : A brick and granite fortress surrounded by 15 foot deep dry moat, was build on Alcatraz in 1859. Encercling the island and the three story fort. Batteries mounted more than 100 cannon to defend the bay during the civil War. During this period, the island began to be used as a military prison. The prison function was to emphasized soon there after. The Citadel was reduced to its first floor, and a large concrete prison was build in 1912. That prison eventualy was transferred from the military to the federal Bureau of Prisons in 1934. It then housed civilian convicts, including Prohibition area gangsters, from 1912 to 1940, dungeons in the bowels of the old, buried Citadel were used to confine the most disruptive inmates.

This is a crude calendar, fashioned by an unknown prisoner to help mark the passage of time in solitary. Whenever the prisoner was fed, he moved a token — a coin, a fingernail, a roach — one space. Two spaces equaled one day. Officially prisoners could not spend more than 19 days in solitary. The length of this calendar is evidence of prisoner’s distrust of the staff or its possible alternate use as a checkboard.

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